A little background

When I was at school I drew eagles all over my excercise books. That made me happy - but when i left school I did something silly... Read 'An Choice'

— Richard Curtis —

Anyone who knows me would tell you that my first employment was, with the benefit of hindsight, a silly choice. My first job was as a trainee quantity surveyor with Leicester City Council.

I quickly found that opportunities for visual creativity are pretty scarce in the world of quantity surveying! It took a few months to realise that ‘living for the week-end’ wasn’t really for me and I applied to enter art school.
I wanted to be a sculptor but was persuaded by the art school staff to study Graphic Design because “you have strong design skills… and there’s more money in it.”

Halford House.

I spent almost a whole year here in my first job without any real idea of what I was doing.

I did manage to catch up on some sleep!

Photo credit: Ned Trifle click HERE for Ned’s photo’s in a new window.


A hundred years passed and…

Sometime in the early 2000’s, after specialising more and more in illustration, I finally had a go at oil painting. – Ever wished you had tried something earlier?

I loved it but didn’t really get the opportunity to jump right in until 2008. I love painting birds and landscapes and hope to soon broaden the scope of my wildlife paintings and perhaps try some in a larger scale.