This page is a work in progress. It will contain links to a variety of websites. As well as links about painting there will be a variety of other interests represented.

So that the page doesn’t degenerate into an unnavigable mish-mash I will try to keep the links in groups, each with its own heading.  If you find any links that are out of date here or elsewhere on the site please email me so that I can rectify the situation.

Calvin and Hobbes
. Oh Bliss! Hours of fun… Essential on holidays, flights and train trips…

Bill Watterson is the ‘Cartoonist’s cartoonist’  What a Draughtsman!  He created a strip that appeals to kids and adults in equal measure


Guide to techniques
William Merritt Chase
William Whitaker demo’s
Richard Schmid
Jeffrey Watts
Interesting Articles


100 years of illustration
Illustration House
American Art Archives